Cotton March 19 2014

How cotton is "finished" after dyeing depends on the dye. For Cushing dyes simply rinse it in salt water until it is clear.  There doesn't seem to be a problem with the colors running. For Procion dyes,  rinse it several times and then simmer it again for 10 minutes to be sure the dye is all out and set or steam the dyed cotton.     

Alpaca & Wool from my stash!! January 28 2014

 I've dug into my stash to pull out some alpaca and wool I had blended at Shari's Morro Fleece Works. She does such a wonderful job! I just spun a bit on a drop spindle. It drafts beautifully and so can be spun any way you want: really fine or any other thickness desired. Are you wondering why I blended alpaca with wool? Hmm? Here's the reason: every fiber, protein...
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