Dye Workshop: July 15 & 16 Protein Fibers, July 29 & 30 Cellulose Fibers

$ 150.00

Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks offers 2-3 day workshops as they are scheduled, usually during the spring and/or summer.

The standard workshop uses protein (fiber from animals) fiber dyes. The first day is spent creating a color wheel with the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue. Each student will create close to 100 color samples: these will be secondary colors, orange, purple and green. They will also create tints, shades and                 .

The second day of the workshop centers around using the information from the first day so that each student creates their own unique colors ways when applying the dye to spinning fiber and yarn. 

All materials will be provided. Each student is also requested to bring fiber and yarn from their own stashes.

Ask about student/teacher discounts.

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